7 Agt 2010

Blogspot How To: Quickly Get Your Blog Indexed by Search Engines

This is the most commonly asked question by new blog owners. Everyone loves traffic and traffic comes from search engines so we must make sure that our blog is regularly indexed by search engines specially Google. Here are simple things you can do to make sure the search engines always keep an eye on your blog and its content.

1- Submit Your Blog URL to Search Engines!

This is the first and most important step. You have to submit the address or URL of your blog to search engines. Tell them you're here & ready to rock. Here is a tutorial:

Blogspot SEO: Submit Your Blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines

2- Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google!

After submitting your URL, you should also submit your sitemap to Google. Sitemap contains links to all of your posts so it will help search engines crawl deeply. Google offers a very convenient way to do that through Google Webmaster Tools. Here is a video tutorial to do that:

Blogspot Video Tutorial: Submit Blog Sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster Tools

3- Add a Followers Gadget & Encourage People to Follow You!

Blogger offers a fantastic gadget called Followers. It allows people to follow your blog which means whenever you'll publish a new post, it will appear on your followers' dashboard. For details see these links:

-> How do I add the Following gadget to my blog?

-> What is Following?

4- Link to Other Blogs!

Ask your friends or colleagues to add a link to your blog on their blogs. Make sure to avoid linking to spam or porn sites. Try linking to your older posts while writing new posts. For example, I've added links to previously written tutorials in this post.

5- Search Engines Love Fresh Content!

Make sure to add quality content and write often on your blog. Encourage comments and answer them regularly. Search Engines love updated content and will crawl your blog constantly. Don't copy from other blogs because duplicate content can result in severe punishments by search engines.

Final Words!

Nothing happens overnight. Don't be disappointed if you're not seeing any sudden changes in traffic. Changes can take at least a month or more depending on your blog's popularity and content quality. Install some tracking service (Google Analytics or SiteMeter) to keep an eye on your traffic and monitor the results. Feel free to ask any question or share anything good. Description: Blogspot How To: Quickly Get Your Blog Indexed by Search Engines Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: JONI PINEM - ItemReviewed: Blogspot How To: Quickly Get Your Blog Indexed by Search Engines Hot News!!! "Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda"
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