2 Jul 2010

ERGO to Prevent Premature Aging

The world is now gettingmore and more polluted. The level of the pollution above the earth has alreadydecreased the chances of people to live their lives healthily and beautifully.They have no much chance to breathe the fresh air since carbon monoxide takesover oxygen on the city. They hardly hide themselves from dangerous UV rays asmost of their jobs need them to stay outside in the middle of the day. 

All of those pollutantscause the body to get contaminated by poisons which may increase the number ofreactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species inside the cells. Theincrease number of ROS and RNS may lead to the damages of the cells themselves.It means mitochondria may have no ability to produce new cells anymore. ERGO,which actually is a natural substance inside a mushroom, can be used tomaintain antioxidantlevel inside the body. L-ergothioneine will protect mitochondria byneutralizing the amount of NOS and ROS. It will also maintain the amount ofvitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione within the body. And, itmeans ERGO will be able to work well to against the dangerous pollutant whichmay cause the body to suffer from premature aging. In other words, ERGO isperfect as anti-agingsubstance. 

Pure l-ergothioneine can beused to create pennystocks & free radical therapeutic nutraceutical andcosmeceutical products and it has already been proven by Oxis.com.
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